Player Comparison: Renardo Sidney

Mississippi State’s Renardo Sidney is an interesting prospect. He was a very highly rated prospect coming out of high school, but things really haven’t gone his way since he entered college. He was ineligible his first year at Mississippi State, had a break-out sophomore season, and then regressed this year as a junior. Take a look at his profile.

Renardo Sidney profile:

Height: 6’10

Weight: 285 lb

Class: Junior

Team: Mississippi State Bulldogs

PPG: 9.7

RPG: 5.2

FG%: 49.8

3P%: 40.5

PER: 19.3

Sidney’s numbers don’t worry me that much. Mississippi State had Arnett Moultrie transfer in from UTEP a two seasons ago. So while Moultrie had to sit out a year, Sidney was getting his roll on. This season, Moultrie took over the majority of the scoring load, along with Dee Bost. Moultrie averaged a double-double this season (16 and 11). Thank goodness for doing my homework otherwise I would have looked like a fool. I have now explained to you why Sidney’s production dropped so much this season.

Whew, glad we took care of that.

Back to talking about Sidney, now. I certainly think he has enough talent to play at the next level. I watched some game film from when Arizona played Mississippi State earlier in the season and Sidney looked good! Grant it, it Arizona but he showing solid post-moves and even a mid-range jump shot.

It turns out; I found out that those were the only highlights for Sidney in that game.

I think it’s safe for me to say that Sidney should stay for his senior season. Moultrie is declaring for the draft, so Sidney would be the focal point on offense for the Bulldogs. But that, more than likely, won’t happen.

So what player does Sidney closely resemble? I have a few names.

Kwame Brown, Sean May, and Zach Randolph.

I pray that Sidney doesn’t end up like Brown or May (May isn’t in the league). He reminds me mostly of Randolph, though. Sidney is a bit more athletic and explosive than Randolph (especially after Randolph tore his MCL). Like Randolph, Sidney plays bigger than his size in the post (and Sidney is big, look at his profile ^) and has great footwork.

But here is where some of the Kwame Brown comes into play. His lack of focus, conditioning, defensive skills, and shot selection are all below average for a man who regressed this season (not to mention that he got into a fight with another man this season). He is a decent 3-pt shooter, but he tends to fall in love with it far too often for a guy that isn’t a consistent outside shooter. He averages less than one block and steal per game in his two years of game-action. [Kwame] Brown never seemed to grasp any of these concepts, either.

Now, Sidney’s situation is different than Brown’s. Brown was the #1 pick and Sidney certainly won’t be any way near the top 15, in my opinion. Sidney needs to improve his work ethic, defense, and mental toughness if he hopes to succeed in the NBA. I think if he improves his weaknesses to the point where they are acceptable, I think GM’s will be willing to take a chance on him.

He can certainly play, and who knows, he might be the next Zach Randolph or maybe a bit lesser-version of Randolph.


What do YOU think?

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