NBA Lottery Projections (According to Player Ratings)

While the draft won’t work out this way, it’s pretty fun to look at what “could be”. Tyler Zeller is a little overrated here and so is Meyers Leonard and probably Jeffery Taylor and Scott Machado as well, but here is what I came up with according to my player ratings. TAKE A LOOK! Scores are out of 100. Average is 67. 

1. Thomas Robinson, Kansas (Total score: 79.8)

2. Tyler Zeller, North Carolina (Total score: 77.4)

3. Anthony Davis, Kentucky (Total score: 75.8)

4. Jared Sullinger, Ohio State (Total score: 72.6)

5. Harrison Barnes, North Carolina (Total score: 70.4)

6. Meyers Leonard, Illinois (Total score: 69.4)

7. Jeffery Taylor, Vanderbilt (Total score: 69.2)

8. Scott Machado, Iona (Total score: 69)

9.  C.J. McCollum, Lehigh (Total score: 68.8)

10. John Henson, North Carolina (Total score: 68.2)

11. Damian Lillard, Weber State (Total score: 66.4)

12. Reggie Hamilton, Oakland (Total score: 65.4)

13. Perry Jones, Baylor (Total score: 65.2)

14. Jeremy Lamb, Connecticut (Total score: 65.2)


What do YOU think?

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