My Scoring System

The NBA Draft will be here before you know it. So to prepare correctly, I am installing a scoring system and I will base all the prospects according to that scoring system. I will be rating players from each position based on five things that are necessary to that position.

For example, let’s say we are rating point guard Kendall Marshall. Marshall will be evaluated on five categories that I consider important for point guards: scoring, assists, turnovers, field-goal percentage, and intangibles. Intangibles will be every player’s last category.

I will be using a scale that ranges from 1-10. Let’s break down Marshall’s game.

Scoring (I will be taking Marshalls 8.1 ppg and dividing that by NCAA leading scorer for point guards Reggie Hamilton’s 26.3. When I do that, I get 30. So Marshall will get a 3.0 on in the scoring column).

Assists (I will be taking Scott Machado’s NCAA leading 9.9 apg. Divide Marshall’s 9.8 apg by 9.9 and I get 9.89 so I will round up to 9.9).

Turnovers ( I will take Marshall’s turnover percentage (percentage that he turns the ball over per game divided by his assisting percentage per game). So, 29.4/40.7= .722. So Marshall will get a 7.2 for this category.

Field-goal percentage (This is probably the trickiest one. I am thinking that I will take his field-goal percentage, multiply it by his true-shooting percentage and divide it by his effective-shooting percentage and then multiply it by 1/5th. When I did that I got 9.8. Hmm, I must have gone wrong somewhere. I am going to take the number I got before I multiplied it by 1/5th and put a decimal point in front of the first number. I got 49.26, so I will give him a 4.9 for his field goal percentage)

Intangibles (This is really just a personal opinion. I love what Marshall does for his teammates. He gets the ball to where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. In this draft of point guards, he is right near the top. I am giving him an 8.5 for intangibles).

Now a perfect score is 50.

Let’s add Marshall’s totals: 3.0+9.9+7.2+4.9+8.5=33.5

I think I found something! If this scoring system is correct, Marshall should not be the highest scoring point guard in this year’s draft.

Anyway, I am going to continue to work on those “scores”. Have a good day!


What do YOU think?

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