Players to Watch: East Region

The East region is probably the least exciting region, talent-wise. So let’s begin this depressing post about East region talent.

Um, where do I begin?

Rodney McGruder, Kansas State – At least McGruder is athletic. He can score in many ways and should pose some problems for Syracuse in the second round (even though Syracuse plays zone). He is the leader of the Wildcats. OK, let’s be serious now. Frank Martin is the leader of the Wildcats.

Festus Ezeli, Vanderbilt – I have heard all this talk about how John Jenkins is the best jump shooter in the country (true), Jeffery Taylor is athletic (true), and Festus Ezeli controls the paint (true or false?). The dude averages 10 points and 5 rebounds a game and only plays 23 minutes a game! (That’s actually down half a minute from last year). Nevertheless, Ezeli will be the key for Vanderbilt to make a deep run, but they need to learn that they have to advance out of the first round before you can go onto the second round.

Wait a minute; the NCAA already advanced 60 teams to second round. Stupid play-in games. They should have a tournament of play-in games (include every DI team) to see which four teams can make it to the tournament!

Just a thought. Ok, who is next?

Michael Snaer, Florida State – Snaer has played well lately. He led the Seminoles to an ACC tournament championship and has been their most consistent player all season. They will lean on this boy mightily throughout the tournament. The dude can ball so check him out.

I am cuttin’ it short on this region, bleh.


What do YOU think?

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