NCAA Tournament: Final Four Breakdown

So I have broken down the Midwest, South, East, and West regions and it’s now time to look at my Final Four. I always get nervous when I look at my bracket and see three #1 seeds. You hope it plays out in your favor, but most of the time it doesn’t. Let’s take a look at who I have advancing to the championship game and cuttin’ down the nets in New Orléans.

*Final Four*

Kentucky v. Michigan State – Talk about a star-studded match-up. Kentucky’s fabulous freshmen against the blue-collar Spartans! I would love for this game to take place. Two programs with a lot of history. Two coaches with a lot of history (not with each other). One team gets the best high school players in the nation. The other makes players. One school has “one and dones”. The other has players staying all four years. There are a lot of differences about these two teams, but they have one similarity: they want to win a championship. While this game doesn’t decide the national champion, it does decide who will have a chance to compete for one. I like a lot of things about Kentucky. I think that Anthony Davis isn’t all hype. This dude is all go. He rebounds, blocks shots, scores, he does it all for the Wildcats. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist is Kentucky’s best overall player. Terrence Jones has been a shell of his former-self this season. He wasn’t the aggressive player we saw last season, but he will still factor in the final decision. The thing I don’t like about the Wildcats is that they are young. They have been young the past two seasons. In 2010, they made it the Elite Eight before losing to a veteran-led West Virginia team. Last season, the ‘Cats were bounced in the Final Four, albeit by one point, by Connecticut (Kemba Walker was on a mission). I have a feeling that this season won’t be any different. Michigan State has played the best teams in the country this season. They played in the best conference in the country. They won the regular season conference title. They won their conference tournament. They all the momentum of any team in this tournament. They are led by senior forward Draymond Green. He is Mr. Do It All for the Spartans. Brandon Wood and Keith Appling are very solid guards and Derrick Nix and Aderian Payne are big bodies that Kentucky doesn’t have. I am taking . . . Michigan State.

Ohio State v. North Carolina – I don’t like this match-up for Ohio State, nor do I like a Big Ten conference championship rematch. Sorry Ohio State, you are not as talented as North Carolina. North Carolina by 10 or more points.

*National Championship*

Michigan State v. North Carolina – So we are back where we started. Out on a navy ship in the middle of November in a bay near San Diego beach. North Carolina is the unanimous preseason #1 and Michigan State was called “crazy” for wanting to play the Heels. No one thought Michigan State would be good this season and everyone thought North Carolina was damn near invincible. Fast forward four and a half months. Michigan State is the team that just won’t “go away”. Their like the kid who is always beaten in every single game known to man, but he just won’t go away. Harrison Barnes will put them to rest. Too much Heels and not enough Sparty. North Carolina wins the rematch of the 2009 national championship game, beating Michigan State for the second time in four years. This game will be closer though, until Barnes and the Tar Heels pull away in the end. North Carolina by 11.


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