’12 NBA Draft Projections (Jan. 29)

The fifth installment of my draft board is up! Take a look at any new players that are on the board! Check it out!

1. Perry Jones, Baylor, (No change) – Jones is starting to show why he could potentially be the first pick in the draft. He is the most skilled player in the draft. This past week, (2 games) Jones has averaged 21.5 ppg and 13 rpg. He is peaking at the right time!

2. Anthony Davis, Kentucky, (Up 2) – Davis moves up the board again! About a month ago, Davis dropped to 6 on my board. But with his recent play, Davis might replace Jones at the #1 spot. Still needs to development his game, but he will be an immediate defensive difference-maker at the NBA level.

3. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Kentucky, (No change) – He is the best player on Kentucky’s team. He is also one of the more versatile players in the nation. He can play the two and three at the next level. Kidd-Gilchrist has the potential to be the best player in the draft.

4. Thomas Robinson, Kansas, (Down 2) – Robinson has an NBA-ready body and the game to go with it. He disappointed me against Iowa State on Saturday, but that shouldn’t hurt his stock too much.

5. Bradley Beal, Florida, (Up 1) – Beal is a sharp-shooter than can score in other ways than just the three-point shot. He still needs to evolve his game, so he might stay another year in college. But if he comes out, he should be a top 10 pick.

6. Harrison Barnes, North Carolina, (Up 2) – Despite his very good overall numbers, Barnes doesn’t do much more than score. But his scoring ability is good enough for him to be a top 10 pick in the draft.

7. Marcus Denmon, Missouri, (No change) – He is one of the best shooters in the country. He is the leader of the Tigers. Very athletic and intelligent player. Should transition nicely at the next level.

8. Jeremy Lamb, Connecticut, (Up 1) – Despite Connecticut’s recent struggles, Lamb has continued to play at a high level. He is one of the bets scorers in the country. He is long and athletic. His numbers have improved across the board.

9. Andre Drummond, Connecticut, (Down 4) – One week he is up and the other week he is down. I think Drummond is going to hang around the 7-10 range in the draft. Realistically, he is the 3rd or 4th best big man in this draft.

10. Jared Sullinger, Ohio State, (No change) – I don’t care what anyone says, Sullinger can play at the next level despite his physical limitations. I would like to see him add a jump shot to his game before the draft rolls around.

11. Terrence Jones, Kentucky, (Up 1) – Jones has really disappointed me this season, but he finally showed up Saturday, scoring 27 points and grabbing 9 rebounds. I would like to see more of that from him.

12. Royce White, Iowa State, (Up 1) – White can do it all. I have been very surprised by White this season. He has recorded five double-doubles and one triple-double on the season. This boy is the real deal. He may stay another year in college, though.

13. Kevin Jones, West Virginia, (Down 2) – His stock is blowing up. Even though he has dropped two spots, it wasn’t because of his play. Some players are just more skilled, but Jones has come a long way.

14. Mike Moser, UNLV, (Up 2) – Moser is trending up again. He can do a bit of everything. Like White, Moser might stay another year in school.

15. Vincent Council, Providence, (N/A) – Council is putting up great numbers (16 ppg and 7 apg) while not getting a lot of recognition because his team is not that good. He has nice size for a point guard and I think scouts will look past his poor shooting numbers and see that there is not much talent around him.

16. John Henson, North Carolina, (Down 2) – He has had a great season so far, even though he continues to drop on my draft board. Unlike like [Anthony] Davis, Henson will strictly be a defensive player at the next level.

17. John Jenkins, Vanderbilt, (Down 2) – He can flat-out shoot. He might shoot up this draft board if he continues to have big games. Let’s see if he can dominate Kentucky and Florida the way he has done everyone else.

18. Draymond Green, Michigan State, (Down 1) – He is the leader of the Spartans. He is their best play-maker and plays the power forward position. He reminds me of DeJuan Blair, but with better play-making ability.

19. Reggie Hamilton, Oakland, (Down 1) – This kid can flat-out score. A bit under-sized, but he is a NBA-prospect. I like this kid.

20. Jeffery Taylor, Vanderbilt, (N/A) – Taylor can score and is a dead-eye three-point shooter. Might be the next Kyle Korver?

21. Doug McDermott, Creighton, (Down 2) – McDermott has been an absolute force this season. McDermott is one of the biggest surprises this season. He is averaging 23.5 ppg and 8.4 rpg. He is efficient and consistent.

22. Tyler Zeller, North Carolina, (Down 2) – You can’t teach 7 ft. Zeller is big and physical. Zeller has shown spurts of being a really good college player, but he has been inconsistent at times as well. Scouts might fall in love with his height, but it’s all about his game.

23. Rodney Williams, Minnesota, (Down 2) – He has really found himself since Trevor Mbawke got hurt back in November. Williams is long and athletic, with good play-making ability on the defensive end. Another guy who doesn’t have outstanding numbers, but he has serious potential.

24. Austin Rivers, Duke, (Down 1) – At this point, I think it’s in Rivers’ best interest that he stays at Duke for his sophomore year. He has fallen off the map since my last draft board update. He would still be a first round pick if he decided to come out, but his stock has fallen.

25. Mason Plumlee, Duke, (Down 3) – Plumlee is big and athletic. He has really come into “his own” this season. His numbers aren’t outstanding, but he has been consistent. Only a junior, so he might stay for his senior season.

26. Marquis Teague, Kentucky, (Up 2) – Teague is one of the quickest guards in college basketball. He has the ability to get into the paint and make plays. His offense needs to improve, but this kid can play no doubt.

27. Kim English, Missouri, (Down 2) – English makes his first appearance on my draft board. He is averaging 14.4 ppg for Missouri and is shooting 52% from the three-point line. He has good size (6’6) and I think he could be the next Arron Affalo.

28. Quincy Acy, Baylor, (Down 4) – Acy has great defense ability. Long and athletic, he can block any shot he contests. Reminds me of Epke Udoh.

29. Shabazz Napier, Connecticut, (Down 2) – His scoring has dropped off since the beginning of the season, but the assists numbers are still there. So is his play-making ability, too.

30. William Buford, Ohio State, (Down 1) – I loved Buford earlier in the season, but I have jumped off his bandwagon. He is a good defender, but I don’t know how his offense will translate at the next level.


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