A Problem Child?

It didn’t take long for the DeMarcus Cousins to voice his opinion in Sacramento, again. Cousins is in his second NBA season after being the 5th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft after spending one season at the University of Kentucky. Cousins has had a problem with keeping his mouth shut. It has come back to bite him in the butt, again.

Cousins was sent home before Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Hornets after he had, supposedly, requested and demanded to be traded because he didn’t like the direction the team is headed. When asked if he had either requested or demanded a trade, he said “no”. Since the ’06-’07 season, the Kings have a record of 137-273, a 33% winning percentage. However, the future seems somewhat bright for a team that hasn’t made the playoffs since the ’05-’06 season. They have been able to draft Tyreke Evans and Cousins, both could be stars some day. They also drafted Jimmer Fredette in the 2011 draft, traded for power forward J.J. Hickson, and signed free-agent defensive-specialist Chuck Hayes. The Kings have also made their fair share of bad monetary decisions like signing Marcus Thornton to an outrageous contract (4 years and $33 million) and picking up Travis Outlaw (4 years and $16 million). Not to mention the fact that they have not drafted well prior to drafting Evans in 2009.

Back to Cousins, though.

Paul Westpahl, apparently, has had enough of his antics, but not so much as to let him suit-up for tonight’s game against the Memphis Grizzlies. Cousins was kicked out of practice and sent home last season for poor attitude and yelling at teammates. At Kentucky, he had a few run-ins with some of his teammates as well and was sent home by John Calipari.

He needs to figure it out quickly because he is running out of time in the NBA. Since when does a second-year player get to demand anything? As “The Rock” use to say “Know you role and shut you DAMN mouth!”

DeMarcus, you need to do that. Don’t waste your potential just because your team isn’t winning games every single night. The Kings are 2-3 this season and have beaten the Los Angeles Lakers. The Kings have some talent but they need to get a lot better and Cousins is in the plans of re-building a franchise that was, at one point, very good. Even though there have been reports that Westpahl said Cousins “can start over on another team”, I highly doubt that Kings will shop the young man. He has too much ability to be traded away, unless they can swing a deal and receive a superstar in return.

Know your place and role. You can’t demand anything unless you have already proved yourself. Just play basketball.


What do YOU think?

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