Just PLAY The Game

Only three games into this shortened-NBA season we are talking about the immaturity of LeBron James, again.

Wade and James doing the "Superman"

If you caught highlights of the Heat/Bobcats game last night, you know what I am talking about. Besides the fact that James played very well (35 pts, 6 reb, 7 ast, 3 stl, and 2 blk), he did something that caught my eye and, quite frankly, pissed me off. Before the season, he was interviewed by ESPN’s Rachel Nichols and talked about how he didn’t want to be the “bad guy” anymore and that he just wanted to play basketball and if he could, he would do “The Decision” over again. But what he did last night was completely uncalled for and immature.

In the waning seconds of the game, Dwyane Wade had the ball on the left side of the floor and took it to the basket, stopping on a dime. The defender flies by and Wade calmly kisses it off the glass for the game-winning shot. It was a home game for the Bobcats and rookie star quarterback, Cam Newton, was sitting court-side. It’s important to know that every time Newton scores a touchdown, he puts two fists up to his chest and then pulls them apart. It’s called the “Superman”. So Wade hits the shot and as he is walking back to the bench, after Charlotte called a time-out, he stared down Newton and did the “Superman”. But that wasn’t the end of it. James decided to get into the act and you could see that he was trying to communicate with Wade so they could sync-up and do it at the same time. I have a few problems with that.

1. Dwyane Wade – I am wondering why Wade would even disrespect someone like Newton, who was doubted by NFL experts and who has had a PHENOMENAL rookie season in the NFL. Wade, you are a former-NBA champion and you lost last season in the NBA Finals. Act like you have been there before.

2. LeBron James – WHAT ARE YOU DOING? First off, Erik Spoelstra still must not trust you to take a game-winning shot, because he had Wade take it instead. Second, you have won NOTHING in your NBA career. Newton has two national championships (JUCO and Auburn). You say that you don’t want people to hate you, but then you go and do something like that? C’mon man, you didn’t make the play so don’t act like you did. You are still the second option in South Beach.

3. Immaturity – The same thing happened last season in Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Wade hit a three-pointer that, most people thought, would put the game away. Wade and James stared down the Dallas Mavericks and started to show-boat. They ended up losing the game.

4. You almost lost to the CHARLOTTE BOBCATS – No disrespect to the Bobcats, but they are not that good of a team. For them to start the game on an 11-0 run and be up 15 points at halftime is unacceptable. I know that the Miami Heat won’t win every game this season, but I didn’t expect the game to be close at all. Who is the second best player on the Bobcats? That’s a good question.

I am sick of what the NBA is becoming. Some star players don’t treat the game the right way anymore. It’s the culture that we live in nowadays. Acting tough and big has replaced “being there before”. I hope some former players saw that last night and cringed like I did. I hope James doesn’t revert back to his “old ways”. But only three games in, it looks like he already has.

What do YOU think?

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