Caron Butler to San Antonio? Spurs to cut Jefferson?

The San Antonio Spurs are, reportedly, pursuing free agent small forward Caron Butler. Butler, who missed the second half of the season and the entire playoffs with a torn ACL, would be a perfect fit for the Spurs. The Dallas Mavericks showed that they didn’t “need” Butler on their way to winning an NBA title, but they sure would have loved to have him. There are questions whether he can return to form. The 31 year-old small forward was averaging 15 ppg and shooting 43% from three-point range. The Spurs are looking for a serviceable three-man who can hit three’s consistently and play tough team defense. The Spurs are seriously considering letting go of Richard Jefferson. Two years ago, the Spurs thought Jefferson was their man when they signed him. Jefferson only averaged 12.3 and 11 ppg in his two years with the Spurs. He had an unproductive playoffs, averaging 6.5 ppg. Butler would improve the aging-Spurs immensely. It will be interesting to see if Butler re-signs with the defending NBA champs or if he goes to the “dark-side” and joins the Spurs.


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