Thoughts on the Big Ten/ACC Challenge

The Big Ten has won the past two Big Ten/ACC Challenges after the ACC had dominated, winning ten years in a row until their streak was snapped in 2009. For the third year in a row, the Big Ten flexed their muscle and reigned supreme over the ACC. Ohio State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Illinois, Purdue, Penn State, Indiana, and Michigan State all achieved victories for the Big Ten. Wake Forest, North Carolina, Virginia, and Clemson took home victories for the ACC. I was surprised that Michigan was not able to beat Virginia. Michigan was ranked #15th to start the week, but after their double-digit loss on the road, they will most likely drop into the 20’s. Duke was man-handled by Ohio State on Tuesday night, losing by 22 points. Ohio State had great guard play and a frenzied home crowd that helped them overtake the Blue Devils early. But folks, this is not the same Duke team you will see in March. You can count on that. North Carolina was challenged by a pesky Wisconsin team, that most think are “overrated”. Wisconsin is known for playing great defense, and they certainly played very well last night, but their offense was absolutely atrocious. Wisconsin shot 36% from the field for the game, and were out-rebounded by 13. We knew North Carolina could score, but now we know they can play a slowed-down pace of game. They proved it Wednesday.


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