Trading Rubio and players for Bledsoe is GOLD

Eric Bledsoe really has two options. 1.) Play Phoenix. 2.) Sit out the season.

Eric Bledsoe coming to Minnesota wouldn’t have been imaginable 12 months ago. But, today, everything is almost a possibility. The idea of him still coming to Minnesota is still far-fetched, but if the T’Wolves really want to make it work, they’ll make it work. Continue reading

Anthony Davis Destined For Greatness

It’s clear Anthony Davis will be the face of the NBA within in the next five seasons. (Photo credit to

I believe that it was inevitable that Anthony Davis was destined for greatness when he was drafted No. 1 overall by the then New Orleans Hornets (now Pelicans) in the 2012 NBA Draft. Now, he is proving his worth in the 2014 World Basketball Cup. In his only season at Kentucky, he was the reason the Wildcats won the NCAA title. He blocked 186 shots in 40 games (4.65 per game) and averaged a double-double (14 and 10) as a skinny freshman. Now he is becoming a man right before our eyes. Continue reading

Could Ricky Rubio Be The Next To Go?

Ricky Rubio will play for Minnesota this season, but will he be here for the long-term rebuilding process? (Photo credit to
Ricky Rubio will play for Minnesota this season, but will he be here for the long-term rebuilding process? (Photo credit to

While we are still ten days away from the Kevin Love trade becoming official, it’s never too early to look into the future when it comes to prospective trades. Could Flip Saunders trade Ricky Rubio next? Continue reading

Why Andrew Wiggins will become thee SUPER-star

Andrew Wiggins has the opportunity to become the next superstar in the NBA. (Photo credit to

A quiet, laid-back, even timid-looking person is what Andrew Wiggins appears to be at first glance. However, when stories broke this weekend about the conversation he had with his former coach, Bill Self, about him being traded, it opened a lot of people’s eyes about who he really is. Continue reading

Minnesota Will Be Fine, Better Defensively Without Kevin Love

Kevin Love, the newest, biggest addition to the Cleveland Cavaliers, will face more scrutiny if Cleveland doesn’t perform to everyone’s standards. (Photo credit to

Hey, it’s finally official! Kevin Love will be traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers later this month. Even though Minnesota is losing a good player, it will open up possibilities for younger to players to have the chance to blossom. Continue reading

NBA Player Value Per Win Shares and Contracts: Part IX: 2008 NBA Draft

Kevin Love leads the draft class with Win Shares at 47 over his six-year career. (Photo credit to

Here are the results for the 2008 NBA Draft Class! Continue reading

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